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|b|t|c|i|n|f|o|b|o|t| is a chat bot available in the #btcinfo chans on freenode irc and Telegram.

Bot prefix: ./


=[BITCOIN/ALTCOIN INFO:]==========================================


Returns the 24-hr VWAP for BTC denominated in $USD.

ticker (currency 1) (currency 2)

Price ticker for BTC and altcoins, also accepts fiat symbols as a parameter.

blocks (currency)

Returns current block height of (currency).

nodes (currency)

Returns link to a list of nodes for (currency).

diff (currency)

Returns the current difficulty target as a decimal number for (currency).

btcbal (address)

Returns the BTC balance of (address).


Returns the current number of unconfirmed BTC txn's.


Returns the current global BTC hashrate in GH/s.


calc (int) (operator +-*/) (int)

Perform basic mathematical calculations.

google (search strings)

Perform a basic search on google.com and return top results.

ddg (search strings)

Perform a basic search on duckduckgo.com and return top results.

translate (from lang) (to lang) (words)

Perform basic translation from one language to another using Apertium.

A complete list of supported language codes is here.

ipinfo (ipv4 address)

Returns geolocation and ISP info for (ipv4 address).

seen (nick)

Returns information on when bot last saw (nick).


Returns the amount of time bot has been online since last reconnect.

qr (string)

Returns link to a QR code containing (string).

roll (number of dice)(d)(sides)

Roll teh dice.

help (command)

Returns help help information for (command).


Returns bot information and a link to this page.


These commands require user to be in bot's L1


eval (expression) OR (raw paste url)

Evaluates a lisp expression or script in a sandbox.

URLs must be in raw or plaintext format/

up (channel) (nick)

Give voice to (nick) on (channel).

down (channel) (nick)

Remove voice from (nick) on (channel).