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Basic Computer Games

December 23, 2018 — shinohai

Old computer nostalgia often hits some of us hard on Telegram, and hours will be spent in conversation or reliving the glory days of TRS-80 and Commodore64 machines. In one such conversation, I mentioned I had a tarball somewhere of all the programs in the old 1978 book "Basic Computer Games" published by Creative Computing. After a brief search, the package was located and I decided to uploaded it to the /warez/ section of the library for others to enjoy - whether you are painfully typing these in line by line in original hardware or loading them with an emulator, I hope the collection brings back lots of pleasant memories for those of us that still enjoy tinkering with these things. Most of these I can verify still indeed work well on original hardware: I loaded many of these into my old TRS80 using a HxC2001 SD floppy emulator (because I'm lazy and didn't want to hand type them all) and ran with 0 syntax errors.

Table of games included in the archive:

Game Name:         Filename:            Description:

Acey Ducey 	   aceyducey.bas        Play acey-ducey with the computer
Amazing 	   amazing.bas 	        Computer constructs a maze
Animal 	           animal.bas 	        Computer guesses animals and learns new ones from you
Awari 	           awari.bas 	        Ancient game of rotating beans in pits
Bagels 		   bagels.bas 	        Guess a mystery 3-digit number by logic
Banner 		   banner.bas 	        Prints any message on a large banner
Basketball 	   basketball.bas       Basketball game
Batnum 		   batnum.bas 	        Match wits in a battle of numbers vs. the computer
Battle 		   battle.bas 	        Decode a matrix to locate enemy battleship
Blackjack 	   blackjack.bas        Blackjack (very comprehensive), Las Vegas rules
Bombardment 	   bombardment.bas      Destroy the computer's platoons with missles before it finds yours
Bombs Away 	   bombsaway.bas        Fly World War II bombing missions
Bounce 		   bounce.bas 	        Plot a bouncing ball
Bowling 	   bowling.bas 	        Bowling at the neighborhood lanes
Boxing 		   boxing.bas 	        3-round Olympic boxing match
Bug 		   bug.bas 	        Roll dice vs. the computer to draw a bug
Bullfight 	   bullfight.bas        You're the matador in a championship bullfight
Bullseye 	   bullseye.bas         Throw darts
Bunny 		   bunny.bas 	        Computer drawing of the Playboy bunny
Buzzword 	   buzzword.bas         Compose your speeches with the latest buzzwords
Calendar 	   calendar.bas         Calendar for any year
Change 		   change.bas 	        Computer imitates a cashier
Checkers 	   checkers.bas         Game of checkers
Chemist 	   chemist.bas 	        Dilute kryptocyanic acid to make it harmless
Chief 		   chief.bas 	        Silly arithmetic drill
Chomp 		   chomp.bas 	        Eat a cookie avoiding the poison piece (2 or more players)
Civil War 	   civilwar.bas         Fight the Civil War
Combat 		   combat.bas 	        Fight a small-scale war with the computer
Craps 		   craps.bas 	        Play craps (dice), Las Vegas style
Cube 		   cube.bas 	        Negotiate a 3-D cube avoiding hidden landmines
Depth Charge 	   depthcharge.bas      Launch depth charges to destroy a submarine
Diamond 	   diamond.bas 	        Prints 1-page diamond patterns
Dice 		   dice.bas 	        Summarizes dice rolls
Digits 		   digits.bas 	        Computer tries to guess digits you select at random
Even Wins 	   evenwins.bas         Take objects from a pile?try to end with an even number
Game of Even Wins  gameofevenwins.bas   Same as Even Wins?computer improves its play
Flip Flop 	   flipflop.bas         Solitaire logic game?change a row of Xs to Os
Ftball 		   ftball.bas 	        American football?you vs. the computer
Football 	   football.bas         American football for two players
Fur Trader 	   furtrader.bas        Trade furs with the white man
Golf 		   golf.bas 	        Golf game?choose your clubs and swing
Gomoko 		   gomoko.bas 	        Ancient board game of logic and strategy
Guess 		   guess.bas 	        Guess a mystery number?computer gives you clues
Gunner 		   gunner.bas 	        Fire a cannon at a stationary target
Hammurabi 	   hammurabi.bas        Govern the ancient city-state of Sumeria
Hangman 	   hangman.bas 	        Hangman word guessing game
Hello 		   hello.bas 	        Computer becomes your friendly psychiatrist
Hexapawn 	   hexapawn.bas         Hexapawn game
Hi-Lo 		   hi-lo.bas 	        Try to hit the mystery jackpot
High I-Q 	   highiq.bas 	        Try to remove all the pegs from a board
Hockey 		   hockey.bas 	        Ice hockey, two players
Horserace 	   horserace.bas        Off-track betting on a horse race
Hurkle 		   hurkle.bas 	        Find the Hurkle hiding on a 10x10 grid
Kinema 		   kinema.bas 	        Drill in simple kinematics
King 		   king.bas 	        Govern a modern island kingdom wisely
Letter 		   letter.bas 	        Guess a mystery letter?computer gives you clues
Life 		   life.bas 	        John Conway's Game of Life
Life For Two 	   lifefortwo.bas       Competitive game of Life (two or more players)
Lite Quiz 	   litquiz.bas 	        Children's literature quiz
Love 		   love.bas 	        Robert Indiana's artwork, your message
Lunar 		   lunar.bas 	        Land an Apollo capsule on the moon
LEM 		   lem.bas 	        Very comprehensive lunar landing
Rocket 		   rocket.bas 	        Lunar landing from 500 feet (with plot)
Master Mind 	   mastermind.bas       Guess the colors of pegs?then the computer guesses yours
Math Dice 	   mathdice.bas         Children's arithmetic drill using pictures of dice
Mugwump 	   mugwump.bas 	        Locate 4 mugwumps hiding on a 10x10 grid
Name 		   name.bas 	        An ice-breaker with the computer
Nicomachus 	   nicomachus.bas       Computer guesses number you think of
Nim 		   nim.bas 	        Chinese game of Nim
Number 		   number.bas 	        Silly number matching game
One Check 	   onecheck.bas         Challenging game to remove checkers from a board
Orbit 		   orbit.bas 	        Destroy an orbiting germ-laden enemy spaceship
Pizza 		   pizza.bas 	        Deliver pizzas successfully
Poetry 		   poetry.bas 	        Computer composes random poetry
Poker 		   poker.bas 	        Poker game
Queen 		   queen.bas 	        Move a single chess queen vs. the computer
Reverse 	   reverse.bas 	        Order a series of numbers by reversing
R,P,S	      	   rockscissors.bas     Game of rock, scissors, paper
Roulette 	   roulette.bas         European roulette table
Russian Roulette   russianroulette.bas  Russian roulette
Salvo 		   salvo.bas 	        Destroy an enemy fleet of ships
Sine Wave 	   sinewave.bas         Draw a sine wave on screen
Slalom 	    	   slalom.bas 	        Simulates a slalom run
Slots 		   slots.bas 	        Slot machine (one-armed bandit)
Splat 		   splat.bas 	        Open a parachute at the last possible moment
Stars 		   stars.bas 	        Guess a mystery number?stars give you clues
Stock Market 	   stockmarket.bas      Stock market simulation
Super Star Trek    superstartrek.bas    Comprehensive game of Star Trek
STK: Instructions  superstartrekins.bas Instructions for Super Star Trek
Synonym 	   synonym.bas 	        Word synonym drill
Target 		   target.bas 	        Destroy a target in 3-D space?very tricky
3-D Plot 	   3dplot.bas 	        Plot families of curves?looks 3-dimensional
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe    qubit.bas 	        Game of tic-tac-toe in a 4x4x4 cube
Tic-Tac-Toe 1 	   tictactoe1.bas 	Simple version
Tic-Tac-Toe 2 	   tictactoe2.bas 	This version prints out the board
Tower 		   tower.bas 	        Towers of Hanoi puzzle
Train 	  	   train.bas 	        Time-speed-distance quiz
Trap 		   trap.bas 	        Trap a mystery number?computer gives you clues
23 Matches 	   23matches.bas 	Game of 23 matches?try not to take the last one
War 		   war.bas 	        Card game of war
Weekday 	   weekday.bas 	        Facts about your birthday
Word 		   word.bas 	        Word guessing game

The entire archive is available for download here: Basic Computer Games (bcg.tar.gz)

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