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Building awt's akris pestnet client on Gentoo

July 28, 2023 — shinohai

awt recently released a new station and client library dubbed "akris" for use with the pestnet protocol. Detailed instructions for installing it using various methods are detailed on alethepedia, but here I am documenting how I built on Gentoo in a virtual environment using Python 3.11 and esthlos-v.

I started by creating the python virtual environment in my /devel/ directory, making sure I specified my py interpreter since akris-desktop requires Python >= 3.11. Then we switch to the newly created directory and activate the venv.

python3.11 -m venv pest 
cd pest/ && source bin/activate

Now we make a directory for akris and grab the vpatches and seals:

mkdir -p akris && cd $_
mkdir -p patches/ seals/ wot/
wget -P patches/
wget -P seals/
wget -O wot/thimbrion.asc

After obtaining the needed ingredients, we can now press using V:

v press akris-genesis-99999.vpatch .

When the press completes successfully, we can install the akris station library to our venv using pip:

pip install -e .

Now we can move back to the root 'pest' directory and make a new directory to install the desktop components in:

cd ~/devel/pest
mkdir -p gui && cd $_
mkdir -p patches/ seals/ wot/

Grab the patches and seals much like we did above for the station library:

wget -P patches/
wget -P seals/
wget -O wot/thimbrion.asc

Press it, again using `V`:

v press akris-desktop-genesis-99999 .

akris-desktop requires tk, so you might need to install it from portage:

emerge -av dev-python/tk

Once that completes, you will have to manually install icons and imagery for the gui client, since `vdiff` does not handle binary files:

cd akris-desktop/

Verify the signatures before untarring, because you aren't a heathen:

gpg-1.4.10 --verify images.tar.gz.thimbronion.sig images.tar.gz

gpg: Signature made Tue Jul 25 10:54:59 2023 EDT
gpg:                using RSA key 0xB16136257FB8FBDD
gpg: Good signature from "Thimbronion " [unknown]
Primary key fingerprint: 5751 2CE7 8CF0 8BB2 5FE2  77A4 B161 3625 7FB8 FBDD

Now we have verified sigs, decompress and clean up:

tar zxf images.tar.gz
rm -f images.tar.gz images.tar.gz.thimbronion.sig

Then install akris-desktop using pip:

cd ..
pip install -e .

Now we're almost done. Go back to the root pest directory:

cd ~/devel/pest

Create a little start script called "start-gui" for ease of use containing the following:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
python gui/bin/

Now you can easily start your pest station and client from the virtual environment by running `./start-gui`. If all goes well, you'll be greeted with a screen like this:

For more information, visit alethepedia: akris and akris-desktop.

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