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Lab notes: Pest and Alcuin part two

November 07, 2021 — shinohai

Since the last installment there has been updates made to Alcuin, including a rename to Blatta along with a genesis.vpatch for the same, and more recently some bugfixes which I successfully applied and will be testing in the coming week.

So far in testing I have been able to:

  • Set up a testnet on localhost.
  • Peer with Blatta's creator remotely and pass messages.
  • Connect an ircbot using it's own station.1

Interest seems to be brewing in the project, so I hope to grow my WoT for this item and look forward to posting more about this item as work progresses.

1. asciilifeform promises this to be a painless operation and indeed it was, simply changing connection variables once I had peered with the bot was all it took to establish communication.

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