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Notes on esthlos-v and some restructuring thereof

January 30, 2020 — shinohai

This particular post will serve as a place to put my notes on esthlos-v, which I have been reading over in an attempt to polish it up for personal use. Now there are many fine implementations of "V" out there already, and I admit mod6's "" has served me well over time, but this particular "V" is delightfully readable and the code is well commented.

Way back in ancient Greece, the word "esthlos" meant that "something exists" or at least is true. Even though the author of esthlos-v vanished into internet space some time ago, and apparently abandoned work on the project, we'll retain the original name since it seems rather fitting for a tool used to magic software into existence.

I will expound upon the contents of esthlos-v in a later piece, though for now I am adding a single new vpatch: "esthlos-v_makefile-and-vdiff.vpatch" - this patch contains simple modifications to the original Makefile so it will build both "v.lisp" and "cl-keccak" as standalone binaries at the same time, and install them if the operator so desires. A modified version of phf's original that uses cl-keccak instead of sha512sum is included. This vpatch and it's corresponding seal can be found in the esthlos-v mirror here.

Tags: News, Lisp, UNIX