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smalpest-95K quickstart guide

March 04, 2024 — shinohai

I am doing some experiments with jonsykkel's smalpest on some Android devices, and whipped up this post in case my memory fails me as I attempt to run this on yet another smol device. I will update with the termux build instructions for android below.

Start your smalpest instance inside a GNU screen instance:

screen -S smalpest -dm /usr/sbin/smalpest -u $USER -p $PASS -i 6697 -q 7778

Now connect to localhost:6697 from your irc client, and you can populate a pestnet wot:

Add a handle for PEER:


Then add a KEY for PEER:


Update the AT (Address Table) for PEER:


Start chatting and see if you appear in the bitdash logs.

Termux build instructions:


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