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WIP: A static GNAT with musl, NoSuchLabs Edition.

April 26, 2020 — shinohai

A discussion in the #asciilifeform irc chan earlier this month revealed that many of the original Adacore mirrors for building GNAT no longer resolve. A fellow named jfw undertook the task of mirroring the necessary items, and wrote about the process on his blog, which is well worth a read. To further help preserve these items, asciilifeform was kind enough to upload them to his website (along with a handy archive of Gentoo distfiles - but that is fodder for another post).

The above bitrot problem means that building ave1's musl GNAT suite as it exists no longer works, so I decided to attempt replacing the broken links in the build scripts with the working set from NoSuchLabs. For interested parties I have mirrored ave1's tarball HERE and a patch with the current bare-minimum link changes to get it working HERE. This item is a WIP, so I haven't yet replaced 100% of the original links, but readers are invited to join #asciilifeform on freenode irc to complain and/or suggest ways to improve it.

After applying the patch, following the build instructions in ave1's README file should produce a static GNAT and GCC-4.9.4 toolchain, perfect for use with FFA and other goodies. I will update this post as changes are made to the build scripts.

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