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Viewing Pest testnet logs using tmux and weechat

December 24, 2021 — shinohai

This is a simple method of viewing your channel logs in weechat. It can be adapted to also display your znc logs as well. I find this method a much easier way of reviewing channel logs than fiddling with logbot configs, and requires limited resources if one is running pest on a headless machine.

/alias add log /eval /exec -bg tmux new-window -n '[logs]' \ sh -c "less +G $(echo ~/.weechat/logs/${buffer.full_name}.weechatlog | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')"

Now you can view the weechat logs for any chan by running `/log` in the current buffer. This will open the log in a new tmux window like so, and you can also scroll to your heart's content:

I am also pleased to report that jonsykkel's smalpest in C builds flawlessly, but sadly does not play nicely with blatta instances, so it remains lab use only for now.

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