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Adventures in pest testnet - Blatta updates and bots

March 12, 2022 — shinohai

Thimbronion (WoT:thimbronion) published several vpatches for blatta containing some bug fixes and client enhancements. I am currently running version 9978 and so far haven't found any bugs.

Getting an irc bot working on pestnet has caused me a bit of issue up to this point - mainly because I hadn't time to sit down and consider the problem well. Various attempts to get my old reliable busybot connected and responding to commands ended with the output not making it to the channel or user that requested it. I had almost decided making a bot using weechat was the only temporary solution but then PeterL (WoT:PeterL), whilst trying to connect scoopbot, mentioned something about regex which got me thinking about writing one for busybot. So I fired off a netcat listener, captured some input (thanks jonsykkel!), and in the wee hours finally got the bot to behave. I feel confident with a few hours more of cleanup busybot will be back in action full time.

The bot testing was performed using the blatta version above as the station. Once the aforementioned cleanup is done I plan to test the bot using jonsykkel's (WoT:jonsykkel) smalpest also.

Current #pest logs HERE

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