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Don't call me

October 02, 2020 — shinohai

When I left tmsr early in 2018, I had the idea that I would poke about in the sewers and hang out my plaque as a freelance "core" cryptocurrency developer. I thought it would at least be a fun way to sharpen my skills and understanding of the "ecosystem" in general, but two years on into the fray I'm not certain I really like what I see.

The above-mentioned ecosystem is full of people who want you to spend hours of your time polishing turds for little or no money. Lane Rettig, a mETHereum dev, hit the nail on the head about what one should expect as a "core" dev for any cryptocurrency:

You’re building extremely low-level infrastructure that the average person will never notice nor understand .... The pay kinda sucks, other people will get rich and famous on the back of your work, you likely won’t receive any credit, and you kind of have to be okay with that.

I'm decidedly not ok with that. I'm tired of watching retards throw insane amounts of Bitcoin at "exchange listings" and javascript developers who write webshit and get paid 10x the amount a "core developer" is expected to accept. I'm tired of building toolchains for obscure machines - which can take hours on it's own - then spend days afterwards getting shitty code I inherited to build in a halfway sane manner. I'm tired of being available 100% of the time to answer questions and walk people through technical things, most of the time without even a simple thank you or a courtesy bitcent for my trouble. I'm also tired of watching myself give people microscopes to hammer nails with. The list could go on all night.

In short, I've had about enough of the "cryptocurrency community" and am seriously considering just sitting back and watching the whole thing burn. And make no mistake - fires will break out and when they do perhaps there is a monkey out there willing to work for peanuts or nothing at all.

Whatever the case, don't call me. </rant>

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