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Experimental vpatches for trb

April 19, 2020 — shinohai

I have decided that my trb mirror could use an experimental patch section as a place to aggregate vpatches I have found useful over time, but aren't part of the "official" trb tree. I have serious reservations as to how much longer btcbase will exist - If the end of TMSR and the Qntra exit scam is any indication, it might be best to grab these items while the getting is good.

The first item in this section doesn't herald from btcbase however, but from Jacob Welsh's Fixpoint blog. This experimental patch adds a "getrawtransaction" rpc call. The only issue I had in applying this patch was due to differences in naming styles of the manifest file, so the item I include here is reground with a note in the manifest that jfw is the original author along with an update of the block time. It should be noted that the patch does not have a corresponding seal at this time, making it a "use at own discretion" item. The bitcoin_getrawtransaction.vpatch can be found HERE.

That'd be it for now. Future updates to the experimental section will likely include a regrind of asciilifeform's "Shiva" and polarbeard's "sendrawtransaction" vpatches, as those are the items I am most familiar with.

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