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The caek is a lie

August 22, 2020 — shinohai

IRC log review

A few interesting and not-so-interesting things in freenode irc.

Still nothing of substance out of #o, low signal.

#o alumni whaack (WoT:whaack) is still working on his trb node however, and according to watchglass is at block height 448752.

btcinfobot caused me to walk away in disgust this past week and instead spend the day fishing. After a refreshing day at the river it is now back online and, freenode weather permitting, will remain there for testing. ircbot and logbot are stable, but quest for lispbot command interpreter vpatch continues.

Meanwhile, in #asciilifeform mats (WoT:mats) proffers original fg units for the low price of $100 in Bitcoin.

ave1 (WoT:ave1) officially goes mia as goes dark.

trinque (WoT:trinque) continues quest to get vgenesis of linux before it becomes too cancerous.

Otherwise, it's a rainy afternoon in castle shinohai and the caek is a lie.

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