Hic inserere motto

You cannot enter the same river twice.

February 05, 2020 — shinohai

A little over a week ago after a discussion on irc with BingoBoingo, I decided to temporarily call a truce and submit some stories to Qntra again. So I set about trolling my rss feed for leads, submitted a few good stories (which BingoBoingo seemed to enjoy), and prepared to carve out a regular block of time daily to perhaps improve my writing and help "Make Qntra great again!".

Alas, my efforts did not last long as it is apparent no peace between myself and the faction calling themselves a Republic these days is possible. Emperor Caligula remains hell-bent on destroying everything with his madness, and I have better things to do with my time than waste words for an audience that cares not for my contributions. There is also the matter of financial compensation, which the editor assured me would be forthcoming but I cannot expect that there wouldn't be some sort of gypsy trick to avoid distributing my shares, having learned my lesson about accepting promisetronics as a form of payment some time ago.

In short, writing for Qntra appears to have about as much of a future as TMSR itself, as long as their leader refuses to perform any sort of introspection, and surrounds himself with knob-slobbing invertebrates that support such nonsense.

There is plenty left to do as Spring approaches V, ffa, and of course ongoing lulz which will, as always, continue to be reported on here.

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