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Trilema announces closure

March 12, 2020 — shinohai

Mircea Popescu published a blog post earlier this morning announcing the end of "TMSR" activities on Trilema, presumably so he can focus his time on other important activities such as hippo training.

For some strange reason, the burning fires and attrition rates in the past few years reminded me of an excerpt by Mark Twain:

We played robber now and then about a month, and then I resigned. All the boys did. We hadn’t robbed nobody, hadn’t killed any people, but only just pretended. We used to hop out of the woods and go charging down on hog-drivers and women in carts taking garden stuff to market, but we never hived any of them. Tom Sawyer called the hogs “ingots,” and he called the turnips and stuff “julery,” and we would go to the cave and powwow over what we had done, and how many people we had killed and marked. But I couldn’t see no profit in it. -Huckleberry Finn.

The future of other former TMSR endeavours, such as Qntra and Eulora, remain unclear at this time.

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Robinhood falls along with other fiat markets

March 09, 2020 — shinohai

On the heels of a previous outage, robinhood customers reported widespread issues again this morning shortly after markets opened. Monday started off poorly for fiat markets, with reports of trading halts of 15 Minutes or more after the S&P 500 tanked 7% rapidly in early morning trading.

Meanwhile at MPEX storm clouds brew with some users hoping to get their coins off the exchange before the 2020 Lardship list is published.

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Pots, kettles, and monoculture.

February 10, 2020 — shinohai

Following my departure from Qntra part deux I wrote about last week, the inevitable opining of the editor on the situation appeared in his blog and was, sadly, precisely what I expected. I was accused of not being able to change, and well *that observation* is true, at least as far as the Republic Reich is concerned. You can ballyhoo about "hallucinated freedom" all day, but it means little when the despot proclaiming it is delusional themselves.

BingoBoingo was right about another point, nothing was lost in my departure. Putting my name on Qntra pieces has ho-hum effects, chiefly because Qntra is known to be associated with the aforementioned despot, and is likely the reason not even the crazies out there seem to be interested in writing for them.

I resumed posting lulzy shitcoin happenings here on btcinfo. Here are the numbers from reddit comparing a lulzy Qntra piece vs. a post here:

Power Rangers Pushing "Taproot" Into Their Bitcoin Network Client Fork 3 points (58% upvoted)

BSV bug leaves nodes unsure which scam chain to follow 47 points (89% upvoted)

The continuing saga of watching Rome burn will be reported on here. Enjoy.

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You cannot enter the same river twice.

February 05, 2020 — shinohai

A little over a week ago after a discussion on irc with BingoBoingo, I decided to temporarily call a truce and submit some stories to Qntra again. So I set about trolling my rss feed for leads, submitted a few good stories (which BingoBoingo seemed to enjoy), and prepared to carve out a regular block of time daily to perhaps improve my writing and help "Make Qntra great again!".

Alas, my efforts did not last long as it is apparent no peace between myself and the faction calling themselves a Republic these days is possible. Emperor Caligula remains hell-bent on destroying everything with his madness, and I have better things to do with my time than waste words for an audience that cares not for my contributions. There is also the matter of financial compensation, which the editor assured me would be forthcoming but I cannot expect that there wouldn't be some sort of gypsy trick to avoid distributing my shares, having learned my lesson about accepting promisetronics as a form of payment some time ago.

In short, writing for Qntra appears to have about as much of a future as TMSR itself, as long as their leader refuses to perform any sort of introspection, and surrounds himself with knob-slobbing invertebrates that support such nonsense.

There is plenty left to do as Spring approaches V, ffa, and of course ongoing lulz which will, as always, continue to be reported on here.

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Mircea Popescu, or how to spread 500 words of liquishit and say nothing

November 21, 2019 — shinohai

About a week ago, I was merrily working on some bot things when this Qntra piece came through my rss feed. I couldn't resist the temptation to lampoon and/or stir the pot and decided to leave a single-sentence comment and wait for the fireworks:

shinohai says:
November 14, 2019 at 8:49 pm
They'll see the light and switch to writing farticles on mp-turdpress any day now.

A few days later, good 'ol botty gives me another rss ping containing the expected reply:

Mircea Popescu says:
November 16, 2019 at 9:40 am
No, shitface, they won't do that. What they'll do instead is join the chorus of cripple fucks 
whining about how nobody can accuse them of not being just like me.
You didn't invent that, you know. You're just some shitface-come-lately 
to the longest ongoing party in the history of the world, 
it was happening in cesspools before they started building sewage pipes.
Now get the fuck lost in your sulkhole for another few years, 
then come back like maybe nobody remembers you're not on your own power worth the cost of a decent burial. 
Who knows, maybe that time the world will be more amenable to shitfaces ? "You never know", right ?

Well, I don't take orders from the capricious Caesar anymore, and don't have a sulkhole - I have a lulzhole, and let me tell you TMSR provides plenty of fodder for that lately. So let's have some more fun with this. Botty has an experimental search function, so I dumped "Mircea Popescu" + all the words related to shit into the hopper. The first result? Why it's a reddit post, where it appears a year earlier some of the other TMSR cult members tried to spread the gospel, with the same predictable results I got from my "reddit experiment".

This gem gave me the idea for the title of this post:

oh nu, mircea popescu sau cum sa asterni o diaree de 500 de cuvinte si sa nu zici nimic.

It gets lulzier:

No. Some of us did, around the late 2000's, but he ended with the nickname the irrelevant worm.

One can tell so many lies that something is rotten in ... Denmark.

He thought that having a blog to swing his dick around would make him someone. 
That didn't work because he had a shitty view of life, people and everything. 
Then he moved to harassing other fellow romanian bloggers, 
random, then bribing to say nice things about them or some shit. 
He would blatantly lie, make up shit about people or places that his been to or things he might have done, 
then harass people or bloggers who would call him as a liar and a poser.


Pasting the text from the above comment and running `wc -w comment.txt` on it revealed a word count of 113, so it could have been worse - the recent drama with poor asciilifeform produced a word diarrhea with a count numbering in the thousands which can be found in a search of the logs.

That's all for now folks, please excuse me, I have a lulzhole to go get lost in.

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Rome continues to burn as S.NSA liquidation announced

November 04, 2019 — shinohai

Mircea Popescu continues the war against his own allies, this time announcing the liquidation of MPEX stalwart S.NSA. The linked article contains many lulzworthy gems, my favorite being:

As a factual matter, for the interval quoted, which is to say the past six years, Stanislav Datskovskiy has produced exactly nothing.

One can easily verify that this is nonsense, thanks to asciilifeform we have the only known fully auditable TRNG in existence, FUCKGOATS, an excellent Arithmetic library, FFA (which hopefully will replace OpenSSL in therealbitcoin at some juncture.) and too many other treasures to list in this post. You don't have to take my word for it however, simply visit and read the cornucopia of goodies within - It's quite easy to spend an entire afternoon reading one post after the next.

I for one am happy asciilifeform has finally uncoupled himself from the capricious Caesar and look forward to see what other indestructible tanks roll out of the loper workshop in the future. As part of my own personal renaissance, I hope I can put some of these excellent tools to use should The Bitcoin Foundation survive this brouhaha.1

More will be published on the continuing saga of TMSR as events unfold. Stay tuned folks!


Shinohai's Saturday Shitcoin Selections 5

October 19, 2019 — shinohai

From around teh interwebz:

A LBGTBBQ rights cucks the clucks and sends Chick-fil-A packing in Reading, England. Their crimes include not selling chicken on Sunday and a notable absence of filthy faggot fry-cooks in their kitchens. (archived)

Pizarro ISP continues to wrap up operations, after a sparrow fart and a match brought operations to a screeching halt earlier this month. Management responded to the incident by simply null routing Pizarro ipspace and showing affected users pretty charts, hoping no one would notice their incompetence under fire. Electronic keys were revoked in a desperate move to keep the gringo monies in their cache, but apparently it's ok to sue now, this one time. A smattering of mp-turdpress tmsr blogs have resumed operations, though Eulora homepage was still down at the time of writing, leaving fans of auctionbot spam in #eulora irc to find a new log source.

A backdoored version of the Tor browser was used to steal Bitcoin from darknet market users.

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Persistent Packeting Problems Plague Pizarro

October 06, 2019 — shinohai

An apparent DDoS attack on Pizarro ISP has left the TMSR without a portion of it's infrastructure. Affected services include Qntra, nosuchlabs, Eulora, and several blogs and logbots. The solution will likely be an amalgamation of more pythonshit and berating Republican vassals, so that services aren't brought down by a bash script while learning the finer points of systems administration ever again.

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TMSR logs domain btcbase down for 3 days and counting

May 01, 2019 — shinohai

Oh the mighty Republic. You know, that place far superior to yours truly1 and everyone else, that will conquer the US gubmint and similar entities? No?

Unlike Jesus Christ, who was alleged to have risen from the grave after 3 days, has been down for 72 hours as of the time of this post. No worries, really, as this site shows last working i.p. address of the domain as which can handily be added to your `/etc/hosts` file for normal operation. Future references to btcbase logs in this blog will simply be archived to avoid the issue.

The outage is just yet in another of the performance anomalies predicted back in January. Expect TMSR to back-burner a few of the current bikesheds being worked on to bikeshed dns for a while in coming weeks.


Calmando las olas

July 21, 2018 — shinohai

Mircea Popescu is slightly mistaken, the beach is the perfect place to reflect,clear one's head, and fix any brokenness. This won't happen solely by chasing carrots on sticks in irc chatrooms, advanced cobweb tools are sometimes required.

The doctor will see you now.

I hope everyone has a great fin de semana, I know I most certainly am.

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