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February 10, 2020 — shinohai

Following my departure from Qntra part deux I wrote about last week, the inevitable opining of the editor on the situation appeared in his blog and was, sadly, precisely what I expected. I was accused of not being able to change, and well *that observation* is true, at least as far as the Republic Reich is concerned. You can ballyhoo about "hallucinated freedom" all day, but it means little when the despot proclaiming it is delusional themselves.

BingoBoingo was right about another point, nothing was lost in my departure. Putting my name on Qntra pieces has ho-hum effects, chiefly because Qntra is known to be associated with the aforementioned despot, and is likely the reason not even the crazies out there seem to be interested in writing for them.

I resumed posting lulzy shitcoin happenings here on btcinfo. Here are the numbers from reddit comparing a lulzy Qntra piece vs. a post here:

Power Rangers Pushing "Taproot" Into Their Bitcoin Network Client Fork 3 points (58% upvoted)

BSV bug leaves nodes unsure which scam chain to follow 47 points (89% upvoted)

The continuing saga of watching Rome burn will be reported on here. Enjoy.

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