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Rome continues to burn as S.NSA liquidation announced

November 04, 2019 — shinohai

Mircea Popescu continues the war against his own allies, this time announcing the liquidation of MPEX stalwart S.NSA. The linked article contains many lulzworthy gems, my favorite being:

As a factual matter, for the interval quoted, which is to say the past six years, Stanislav Datskovskiy has produced exactly nothing.

One can easily verify that this is nonsense, thanks to asciilifeform we have the only known fully auditable TRNG in existence, FUCKGOATS, an excellent Arithmetic library, FFA (which hopefully will replace OpenSSL in therealbitcoin at some juncture.) and too many other treasures to list in this post. You don't have to take my word for it however, simply visit and read the cornucopia of goodies within - It's quite easy to spend an entire afternoon reading one post after the next.

I for one am happy asciilifeform has finally uncoupled himself from the capricious Caesar and look forward to see what other indestructible tanks roll out of the loper workshop in the future. As part of my own personal renaissance, I hope I can put some of these excellent tools to use should The Bitcoin Foundation survive this brouhaha.1

More will be published on the continuing saga of TMSR as events unfold. Stay tuned folks!

1. My keccak regrind of trb with signed genesis and vpatches remains on this site. More info in this post.

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