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Shinohai's Saturday Shitcoin Selections 5

October 19, 2019 — shinohai

From around teh interwebz:

A LBGTBBQ rights cucks the clucks and sends Chick-fil-A packing in Reading, England. Their crimes include not selling chicken on Sunday and a notable absence of filthy faggot fry-cooks in their kitchens. (archived)

Pizarro ISP continues to wrap up operations, after a sparrow fart and a match brought operations to a screeching halt earlier this month. Management responded to the incident by simply null routing Pizarro ipspace and showing affected users pretty charts, hoping no one would notice their incompetence under fire. Electronic keys were revoked in a desperate move to keep the gringo monies in their cache, but apparently it's ok to sue now, this one time. A smattering of mp-turdpress tmsr blogs have resumed operations, though Eulora homepage was still down at the time of writing, leaving fans of auctionbot spam in #eulora irc to find a new log source.

A backdoored version of the Tor browser was used to steal Bitcoin from darknet market users.

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